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Specialized in sheepskin fur tanning, Eurofur has built a decennial working experience. Passion for this type of product has led us to enrich our productions with items such as Alpaca fur, very popular among our refined customers, and kangaroo the unique product we propose without fur.

All these products are aimed to clothing, footwear and leather goods, for customers who require very high product standards.

The main objective we set ourselves is to offer high quality products, as a result of constant technical and stylistic research aimed at obtaining products with better and innovative features.

This is pursued with great attention to production sustainability and close monitoring of environmental quality. A careful selection of the products used for tanning and finishing the skins, ensures perfect alignment with the international standards that govern our industry. Equally important is the high degree of waste recycling and the high water purification technology that we have achieved thanks to the efforts made over the years from all over the Tuscan Leather District to which we belong